Executive Committee


Scientific Advisers



State Branch Chairs

Queensland Branch Chair: Ulrike Kappler

Western Australian Branch Chair: Charlene Kalher

Victoria Branch Chair: Karena Waller

New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory Branch Chair: Mitchell Brown

South Australia Branch/Northern Territory Chair: Peter Traynor

Tasmania Branch Chair: Anthony Baker

Standing Committee Representatives

Chair, National Scientific Advisory Committee: Kate Seib

Chair, Workforce Standing Committee: Tony Jennings

Chair, National Examinations & Qualifications Board: Julian Rood

Chair, Editorial Board: Ipek Kurtboke

Chair, Standing Committee on Clinical Microbiology: Jon Iredell

Chair, Standing Committee on Biosafety and Biosecurity: *Under Review*


Standards Australia

Clinical Laboratory Testing and In Vitro Diagnostic Test Systems: Gary Lum
Food Microbiology Sub-Committee: Peter Traynor
Water Microbiology: Benjamin Deeley 


Medical Testing Accreditation Advisory Committee: Geoff Coombs


Bacteriology: Charlene Kahler

Virology: Paul Young


AAS National Committee for Biomedical Sciences: Liz Harry

American Society for Microbiology: Melissa Brown

APACE: Tony Jennings

Communicable Diseases Network Australia: Geoffrey Hogg

Pathology Associations Council – Tony Jennings

Pathology Services Committee: Tony Jennings