ASM Fellowship

Fellowship (FASM)

Fellows of the Society are those microbiologists who, through a process of peer assessment, are determined to be either specialists in their field, or scientists who have made a significant contribution to the profession.

Fellowship is the higher qualification of the ASM which is granted by the Council on the recommendation of the National Examinations Board. Please download information on the examination process below:

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 ASM's Fellows

1990 A/Prof John Aaskov Queensland University Of Technology
1989 Valentine Ackerman  
  Prof Ben Adler Monash University
1989 A/Prof John Andrew Healthscope Pathology
1989 L Valerie Asche  
  Leslie R Ashdown  
1994 Dr Paul Badenoch Flinders Medical Centre
1989 Richard D Barry  
  Prof Ross Barnard University of Queensland
  Prof Mary Barton University Of South Australia
1989 John Bauld  
1990 Ronald C Bayly  
1992 Dr Ifor Beacham Griffith University 
  Prof Sydney Bell University of New South Wales
1990 Richard A C Benn  
  Karl A Bettelheim  
  Ruth Bishop  
1989 Patrick Blackall  
  Dr Stuart Blacksell Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Unit 
2017 A/Prof John Boyce Monash University
1989 Mr Rodney Bowman PathWest, QEIIMC
  Dr Richard Bradbury Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  Prof Melissa Brown Flinders University
2017 Prof Glenn Browning University of Melbourne
2014  Mr Shane Byrne Sullivan & Nicolaides Pathology
  Mr Michael Caffery Nambour General Hospital
2017 Ian Carter Weatmead Hospital
  Prof Ricardo Cavicchioli University Of New South Wales
  Prof Barbara Chang University of WA
  James Chin  
  Peter Collignon Canberra Hospital
1990 Professor Peter Coloe RMIT University
1989 M D Connole  
2017 Prof Geoffrey Coombs Murdoch University & PathWest Laboratories
1993 R G Cooper  
2017 Anna-Maria Costa Royal Children's Hospital
  Professor Ross Coppel Monash University
  Professor Alan Cowman Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
  Kerry O Cox  
1993 Peter Donald Cranwell  
1991 Prof Allan Cripps Griffith University
  Prof Anthony Cunningham Westmead Millennium Institute
  Dr Andrew Daley Royal Children's Hospital
  Prof Michael Day University Of Bristol
  Prof Margaret Deighton RMIT University now retired
1992 Dr Anthony Della-Porta Bio2ic
1995 Dr Patricia Desmarchelier Food Safety Principles 
1989 Shirley D Dixon  
2017 Steven Djordjevic University of Technology, Sydney
1989 Horst W Doelle  
1991 Thomas William Dommett  
  Beatrice J Duffield  
  David Ellis  
  Dr Trevor Ellis  
1992 Michael John Eyles  
1990 Kevin John Fahey  
  Solomon Faine  
1991 Joan Lorraine Faoaglai  
  Peter R Field  
  Dr David Figdor Prime Endodontics
  Prof John Finlay-Jones John Finlay-Jones
1990 Graham Harold Fleet  
  Dr Ross Forgan-Smith  
  Prof Ian Frazer Translational Research Institute
  Michael Frese  
1989 G P Gard  
2017 Prof Suzanne Garland Royal Women’s Hospital & University of Melbourne
  Prof Robin Gasser University of Melbourne
  Lewis F Gibson  
  Dr Steven Giglio Clinpath
1990 Gwendolyn Gilbert  
  John Goldsmid  
1997 Ms Gena Gonis Royal Children's Hospital 
1995  Prof Michael Good Griffith University
  Prof David Gordon Flinders Medical Centre -SA Pathology
  Prof Iain Gosbell Sydney South West Pathology Service
  Stephen Graves  
1990 Mr Terry Grimmond Grimmond & Associates Ltd
  Warren B Groot Obbink  
1989 Prof Warren Grubb Curtin University Of Technology
1992 Michael David Grattan Guiness  
  Prof Louise Hafner Queensland University Of Technology
  Prof Ruth Hall University Of Sydney
  Dr Katherine Hammer University Of Western Australia
1994 David John Hampson  
  Alan Hampson  
2017 Dr Jacqueline Harper Queensland Central Laboratory
  David J Hansman  
1991 Prof John Harkness St Vincents Hospital
1991 Keith Milne Harrower  
  Prof Elizabeth Hartland University of Melbourne
1991 Michael William Heuzenroeder  
1989 Robert G Hirst  
1993 Ailsa Diane Hocking  
  Alan J Husband  
  Dr Flavia Huygens Queensland University Of Technology
  George F Ibrahim  
2017 Prof Jon Iredell Westmead Hospital & University of Sydney
2014 Prof Elena Ivanova Swinburne University Of Technology 
1990 Ian Jack  
2014 Prof Michael Jennings Institute for Glycomics, Griffith University
1991 Frances Jennis  
  Mr Ian Jenson Meat & Livestock Australia
2017 A/Prof Slade Jensen Western Sydney University
  A/Prof Allison Jilbert University Of Adelaide
  Alan M Johnson  
2017 Priscilla Johanesen Monash University
2014 Dr Charlene Kahler University Of Western Australia
  Dr Ulrike Kappler The University of Queensland
2017 V. Nigel Kelly Royal Children's Hospital
  Nargery L Kennett  
  Kenneth Kenrick  
1991 Barbara Mary Price Keogh  
  Dr Stephen Kidd University Of Adelaide
  Dr Peter Kirkland Elizabeth Macarthur Agriculture Institute
1994 Sylvia Mary Kirov  
  Dr Carl Kirkwood Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
2009 Staffan Khelleberg  
  Tuckweng Kok  
  Professor Victoria Korolik Griffith University
  A/Prof Ruiting Lan University Of New South Wales
1991 Janice Anne Lanser  
  Mr Martin Laxton St Vincents Hospital 
1994 Adrian Lee  
1994 Virginia Lennox  
1989 J M Levey  
  Dr Pak Leong Lim IgGene Limited 
2017 Trevor Lithgow Monash Unviersity 
2017 Dr Gary Lum Commonwealth Department of Health 
2017 A/Prof Dena Lyras Monash University
1991 Prof John Mackenzie Curtin University
1990 D G Macphee  
  Prof Ian Macreadie RMIT University
2017 Suresh Mahalingam Griffith University 
2014 A/Prof Matthias Maiwald KK Women's And Children's Hospital
  Prof Johnson Mak Deakin University, CSIRO AAHL
  Dr Richard Malik University Of Sydney
1989 Prof Paul Manning   
2009 Barry Marshall  
  Kevin Marshall  
  Mary M Marslen  
1990 John T May  
  Rose McAleer  
  Dr Joseph McCormack Mater Misericordiae Hospital 
1990 Helen McDonald  
  Peter McDonald  
1989 George D McLean  
2014 A/Prof Christopher McIver St George Hospital (Public)
  Prof Peter McMinn Sydney Medical School
  Dr John Merlino Concord Repatriation General Hospital
1991 Andrew Richard Milner  
  Wayne M Monaghan  
1991 David Joseph Walston Moriorty  
2017 A/Prof Renato Morona University of Adelaide
  Trilochan K S Mukkar  
  Mr Chinmoy Mukerjee South Eastern Area Laboratory Services (SEALS)
1990 Rosemary Munro  
  Alan M Murphy  
1992 Peter Keith Murray  
1989 Kenneth G Newton  
1992 Prof Graeme Nimmo Pathology Queensland
2017 A/Prof Sally Partridge Westmead Institute & University of Queensland
1989 Prof James Paton University of Adelaide
2015 Dr Matthew Payne University of Western Australia
1989 Margaret Peel  
1989 Mary A A Pegler  
1990 Dr John Pemberton University Of Queensland
1989 Mary A A Pegler  
1991 Phillip Petersen  
1990 Peter A Phillips  
1990 John I Pitt  
2014 Dr Nevada Pingault Department Of Health WA
  Associate Professor Adam Polkinghorne University of the Sunshine Coast
1989 Juliana Kaya Prpic  
  Prof William Rawlinson Prince of Wales Hospital, Virology Division,
  Raymond R Reid  
1989 Mary F Ridley  
1989 Prof Thomas Riley University Of Western Australia
1993 Lucy-Anne Riley  
1995 Elaine B Roach  
 1990 Professor Roy Robins-Browne University of Melbourne
  Dr Paul Roffey Australian Federal Police 
1990 A H Rogers  
1990 Prof Julian Rood Monash University
  Prof Mark Schembri University of Queensland
2014 Dr Kate Seib Institute for Glycomics, Griffith University
  Richard F Sheldrake  
1992 Professor Warren Shipton Asia-Pacific International University, Thailand
  Lindsay I Sly  
2014 Dr Gavin Smith Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School 
  Clin Prof David Smith Pathwest Laboratory Medicine WA
  Ms Elizabeth Snashall Dorevitch Pathology (retired)
  Peter B Spadbarow  
2015 Dr Peter Speck Flinders University
2014  Dr Yogitha Srikhanta Monash University
1991 Neville Desmond Stallman  
  Damien Stark  
  Iain Stevenson  
1990 P R Stewart  
2017 Timothy Stinear University of Melbourne 
  Prof Richard Strugnell University of Melbourne
1989 Michael J Studdert  
1989 Sue S Sutherland  
1989 Ross G A Sutton  
  Professor Sepehr Tabrizi Royal Women's Hospital
  Professor Gilda Tachedjian Burnet Institute
  Ms Evanthia Tambosis Concord Hospital 
  Emeritus Professor Gregory Tannock Burnet Institute
  Prof Andrew Taylor-Robinson Central Queensland University
1995 Assoc Prof Jan Tennent Biomedical Research Victoria
1993 Annette Dorothy Thomas  
1992 Dr Carol Thompson  
  John P Thompson  
1991 Prof Peter Timms University of the Sunshine Coast
1989 Frederick A Tosolini  
2017 A/Prof James Triccas University of Sydney 
2016 Mark Turner University of Queensland
2017 Prof Stephen Turner Monash University
  Prof John Turnidge Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health care
  Professor Glen Ulett Griffith University
1998 Garrick Van Arkadie  
  Dr Thiru Vanniasinkam Charles Sturt University 
  Dr Kerry Varettas South Eastern Area Laboratory Services
  A/Prof Naresh Verma Australian National University
  Alison M Vickery  
  Prof Mark Walker University of Queensland
2014 Dr Karena Waller University Of Melbourne
  Prof Linfa Wang Duke-NUS Medical School
1991 Dennis Lesli Watson  
  Edwin G Westaway  
2016 A/Prof David Whiley Pathology Queensland & The University of Queensland
  Prof Peter White University of New South Wales
  David O White  
2017 A/Prof Cynthia Whitchurch University of Technology, Sydney
2014 Prof Mark Willcox Univeristy Of New South Wales
  Anthony J Wicken  
  Jennifer Williams  
  Peter A Wood  
1990 David M Wyatt  
1991 Prof Paul Young University of Queensland
2009 Harald Zur Hausen