Dr Fiona Sansom

I am currently a senior lecturer within the Melbourne Veterinary School at the University of Melbourne, where I teach microbiology and general animal production and health to agricultural, science and veterinary students. My research interests include studying the molecular pathogenesis and epidemiology of both zoonotic pathogens such as Coxiella and Leishmania, and animal-specific pathogens such as Mycoplasma bovis. I view research and teaching of veterinary microbiology as essential to both animal and human health, and I am passionate about veterinary microbiologists engaging with the wider microbiology community through ASM. For example, I hope to see more veterinary microbiology RHD students involved in ASM, particularly through increased participation in events such as the BD Awards and attendance at the annual meetings.

Phone: +61 3 90353179
Email: fsansom@unimelb.edu.au