Mr Peter Traynor

Culture Media SIG member since 1992, National Secretary (2000-2006) and National Convenor (2006-present).
A contributing member to the first Guidelines on assuring quality of microbiological media, released in 1996.
Co-author of subsequent Guidelines released in 2004.
Senior author and editor of the revised new editions of the Guidelines completed in 2012,and in 2014.

Parasitology and Tropical Medicine SIG, Victorian State Convenor (1996-2004) and National Convenor (2000-2002).
SA Branch committee member 2007-2012, 2015-present, Scientific meetings Convenor 2008-2012.
Tri-State 2011 Scientific Program Convenor. Tri-State 2017 Scientific Program Convenor.
ASM representative Standards Australia FT-024-01/FT-035, 2008 - present.

ASM Distinguished Service Award 2012

Chapter co-author, Manual of Clinical Microbiology, ASM Press, 9th and 10th editions.

Email: Peter.Traynor[at]