Western Australia State Branch

Committee Members

Charlene Kahler (chair) charlene.kahler@uwa.edu.au

Alyson Handfield alyson.handfield@graduate.curtin.edu.au

Paul Healy (treasurer) paul.healy@health.wa.gov.au

Deirdre Collins (ASM Newsletter/Scientific) deirdre.collins@ecu.edu.au

Dan Knight (Student activities/awards) daniel.knight@murdoch.edu.au

Mitali Sarkar-Tyson (Secretary) mitali.sarkar-tyson@uwa.edu.au

Joshua Ramsay (Awards/Scholarships) josh.ramsay@curtin.edu.au

Megan Lloyd (ECU rep) m.lloyd@ecu.edu.au

Justin Morgan (Quiz night committee) Justin.Morgan@health.wa.gov.au

Erica Lambert (Quiz night committee) Erica.lambert@health.wa.gov.au

Sandra Sjollema (Membership) Sandra.Sjollema@health.wa.gov.au

Lucy Furfaro (Membership) lucy.furfaro@research.uwa.edu.au

Michael Erskine (Membership) Michael.Erskine@health.wa.gov.a

Pim Putsathit (Webmaster) papanin.putsathit@uwa.edu.au

Chisha Sikawze (Membership) Chisha.Sikazwe@health.wa.gov.au


Regular Meetings

Committee Meetings First Tuesday of every month
City Dinner Every year in February
Annual General Meeting Every year in May
Quiz Night September/October
"Around the Labs" December

If you wish to contact someone with a query in relation to the Western Australian Branch of the ASM, you can email Alyson Handfield at alyson.handfield@student.curtin.edu.au. Furthermore, for more information please visit http://westernaustralia.theasm.org.au/.

The WA Branch of the Australian Society for Microbiology can also be found on Facebook. Click here to visit their facebook page.