Dane Lyddiard - Introduction

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Well hello again! 2015 06 03 SelfieForBlog In case you don't remember me, I'm Dane and I’m back to be one of your Communication Ambassadors for September 2016! (*Cue: w00ts*).

I'm originally from Wollongong where (after not getting the grades I needed for microbiology) I studied Indigenous and Public Health before working in various non-microbiology jobs (*boooooo*) in Australia and South America. After several years went by I decided it was time to live my childhood dream: become a Microbiologist! (Clearly I was a nerdy kid). I enrolled as an “old” person in a BSc in Microbiology & Botany (plants are my other love!) at the University of New England (UNE). While studying off campus I scored a job working as an Aide at a clinical micro lab in Wollongong where I remained for a few years. Before long, I had found myself deep in an Honours program at UNE and decided research was really my thing.

…And here I am now doing a PhD and living in sunny (ok, who am I kidding...freezing) Armidale. My PhD program is titled the “Northern Tablelands (NSW) Antibacterial Drug Discovery Project” and I get to poke around at plants and see if they give me some neat antibacterial compounds - basically combining my two loves (plants and microbiology) with my arch nemesis (chemistry). (Never say: “meh, I wanna be a microbiologist, I don’t need Chemistry!” in your 1st year. *sobs*).

Anyhoo…check back as the blog is updated throughout the month and come over to twitter ( @AUSSOCMIC ) and follow our shenadigans! If I don’t completely freak you out, you’re also welcome to join me on my personal account ( @greenepidemic ) after September.

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