Josh Newson - Intro

Posted by on 15 September 2016 | Comments

gyZ51Gt1Hey everyone, this is Josh - one of your ASM comms ambassadors for September! I started out studying biotechnology at the University of Newcastle - a degree focused on the molecular biology of bacteria, plants, and animal reproduction. I got my first taste of research through volunteer/summer placements, and then continued into my honours year looking at transcription factors of Acinetobacter, an emerging pathogen characterised by extensive antimicrobial resistance. Now I'm most (?) of the way through a PhD at the University of Melbourne, looking at effector proteins that are translocated into host cells by Salmonella during infection. We use a range of microscopy and mass spec techniques to study a rare glycosylation event catalysed by a set of Salmonella effectors. On the side I'm involved with teaching and outreach work, spreading the good word of infectious bugs and their impact on us. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be posting some interviews with lab heads and post-docs that have all been involved with Australian microbiology research. We'll be talking about their career paths, motivations and interests, and their advice to younger researchers. Keep an eye on our twitter @AUSSOCMIC for updates, and you can follow me @joshnewson and my co-ambassador Dane @greenepidemic for more tweets

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