Oonagh Bodin - Introduction

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Hey everyone! I'm Oonagh and i'm going to be one of the communication ambassadors taking over for the month of August 2016 (WooHoo!).

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To start the month i'll let you know a little bit about myself and what I do ^_^ ;

Originally moved from the UK in 2007 and have been a proud Aussie citizen since 2012! I'm currently undertaking my PhD project at La Trobe University (Melb), where I study various changes (dietary, taking pharmaceuticals etc) in life that may alter the structure of the gastrointestinal microbiota (A super hot area of research at the moment!). One of the things that I love about my PhD project is that the techniques I learn and use are applicable to any environment that contains microbes. In my eyes, environmental microbiology isn't just about whats going in our ground and water-bodies. I like to think of the gut as just another environment needing to be exploded, studied and understood! Hence im co-supervised by the Applied & Environmental Microbiology Lab!

I've presented my research at a variety of conferences in Melb and Brisbane and most recently was lucky enough to get to go to New Zealand to the NZ microbial Ecology Consortium (NZMEC4.0) to be one of 8 aussie PhDs to present their research. I also recently participating in the La Trobe Uni School of Life Sciences round of the 3MT and came runner up for my talk "Our Microbial Family!".

I'm excited and looking forward to sharing with you all things gut microbes related and also some insights from various lab heads, post-docs and PhDs.

Whilst I'll be posting through the ASM twitter page this month (@AUSSOCMIC), head over and follow my personal page (@XOonaghBodin) for when my stint here is over ^_^

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