Sam Manna - First ASM Blog

Posted by on 16 June 2015 | Comments

IMG 0401MODHi guys,

My name is Sam Manna and I am your next communication ambassador. My experience in microbiology is a little different to the other ambassadors to date so hopefully you will find my story interesting. 

I completed my PhD last year at La Trobe University, Melbourne where I worked with a eukaryotic microbe, Dictyostelium discoideum. D. discoideum is a soil amoeba internationally recognised as a model for biomedical research. My research involved the study of bacterial proteins that have retained functions in mitochondria of D. discoideum. This includes two gene families in eukaryotic pathogens that were acquired via horizontal gene transfer from Chlamydiae bacteria, as well as their potential as possible drug targets. I also worked as a microbiology lecturer last year, an extremely valuable and enjoyable experience.

It is these topics and more that I will talk about on the ASM twitter account @AUSSOCMIC. Plus, I am always happy to engage in any scientific conversation so feel free to contact me on the ASM twitter account (or my personal account @sam_manna3 after my stint as an ASM ambassador ends). I will also be posting some mini-interviews with some highly successful microbiologists that I have met, in which they will discuss their journey in microbiology research and their advice for success.

Looking forward to some great discussion over the next two weeks!