Zoe Anne Dyson – Your new ASM Communications Ambassador!

Posted by on 24 August 2015 | Comments

Hi everyone! ZDPhoto


My name is Zoe Dyson and for the next two weeks I will be your Australian Society for Microbiology Communications Ambassador! 


So a little about me… in 2004 I enrolled in a Bachelor of Applied Science/Bachelor of Computing double degree at the La Trobe University Bendigo campus, as Science and computer programming had always been of great interest to me.  Over the next few years Microbiology quickly became my favourite subject and following the completing of my undergraduate studies I was very excited to join the Seviour laboratory (Biotechnology Research Centre) at the La Trobe Institute of Molecular Sciences.  I later completed my PhD in the same laboratory where my research focused on the potential use of bacteriophages to biologically control Mycolata foaming bacteria in wastewater treatment systems.  My PhD work, and the work of many others in the laboratory at the time involved working with large genomic datasets that were time consuming to deal with manually, so I began to apply my computational skills to these data sets and became very interested in bioinformatics!


I am now delighted to be a post-doctoral, early career researcher in the Holt laboratory at the University of Melbourne where I am putting both my biological and computational skills to good use investigating the spread and genomics of antibiotic resistant Typhoid fever outbreaks through bioinformatic analysis of whole genome sequence data.


I look forward to sharing content centred around these topics that I am very passionate about with you over the next two weeks!  I also welcome any microbiology chat with you all over @AUSSOCMIC on twitter, and also tweet under @msmicrobiocode!  I hope I can keep you all as entertained as the previous ASM Communications Ambassadors!


Warm regards,