ASM Annual Meeting 2016


Convenor: Charlene Kahler

Scientific Program Chair: Megan Lloyd

Division 1: Tim Inglis

Division 2: Allison Imrie

Division 3: Christopher Peacock

Division 4: Harry Sakellaris

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Welcome to the ASM

The ASM is a not-for-profit organisation, formed in 1959 as a learned society devoted to furthering the science of microbiology. The ASM became an incorporated professional society in 1976. 

Notification to Members of Inactive SIG Termination

The July 2015 ASM Council meeting determined that they will be considering the termination of the SIGS which have been inactive for two or more years at the next Council Meeting in February 2016. These include at present:

-          Ocular Microbiology

-          AQUASIG (Water Microbiology)

-          Probiotic and Enteric Microbial Diversity

These SIGs represent important areas in Microbiology but without ASM member representations as set out in the governing rules of our constitution will lose protections from financial and other liabilities that come in association with an incorporated society.

Please note that Council will consider the establishment of a new SIG upon receipt of a formal submission signed by ten members of the Society of any class except Sustaining Member.  Please consider nominating a new SIG if you believe there is sufficient support from the membership to generate activity. Note also that a SIG chair must be a full member of ASM (i.e. not an Associate).

A reminder that all current SIGs need to submit an annual report of the activities of the Group suitable for publication in Microbiology Australia, minutes of their AGM together with the financial statement not less than six weeks following the AGM of the SIG, and reports to the February and July Council Meetings.  Failure to provide an annual report within any 16 month period shall be grounds for the Council to consider termination of the SIG.