State Branches

There are six Branches of the ASM based on State/Territory boundaries. The Northern Territory is a sub-branch of the South Australian Branch.

Each Branch has a Committee of office-bearers and operates within the Constitution and By-laws of the ASM. Each Branch also has its own By-laws which establishes the criteria for day to day operations and administration functions.

The Committee is responsible for organising a calendar of events, meetings, forums, functions and activities for its local members. Each Branch produces and distributes a newsletter to its members which provides information on organised activities, State Branch competitions and awards, news-clips from the Council and National Office and a wide variety of other interesting scientific articles.

Select a Branch to either view its website or get in touch with the branch secretary to ask about newsletters, committee members, seminars and visiting speakers:

New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory State Branch

Queensland State Branch

South Australian/Northern Territory Branch

Tasmanian State Branch

Victorian State Branch

Western Australian State Branch