The Society requires each member:

  • to promote the aims of Society;

  • to behave in such a way as to bring credit to the profession of microbiology;

  • to use all proper means to maintain the standards of the profession;

  • to respect any confidence gained in the conduct of the profession;

  • to ensure that public statements are fair and objective;

  • not to engage in microbiological practices restricted by law or professional agreement;

  • to avoid unwarranted statements that reflect upon the character or integrity of other members of the profession;

  • to recognise the responsibility to subordinates in terms of professional guidance and dissemination of information;

  • to maintain professional competence by keeping abreast of new information and developments;

  • to support fellow members who find themselves in difficulties on account of their adherence to this Code, and the Society in its efforts to protect them;

  • to recognise responsibility to the community and the environment in protecting each from exposure to undue actual or potential microbiological hazards;

  • not to engage knowingly in research for the production or promotion of biological warfare agents;

The ASM also endorses the IUMS Code of Ethics against Misuse of Scientific Knowledge, Research and Resources.

Research Trust

The ASM Research trust was established in 1996. Signatories on the trust deed included Jan Lanser, John MacKenzie, Lyn Gilbert, Ruth Hall, John Bauld, Chris Burrell, Roy Robins Browne, Adrian Lee and Graeme Mitchell. The trust was originally established as “a public fund with the primary purpose of supporting the undertaking of research in Australia in the field of Microbiology and allied sciences”. Amongst other approved  purposes, funding visits by distinguished microbiologists from  overseas and locally, and contributing towards prizes, awards and scholarships are included. Today the Research Trust is used to fund all ASM awards and, as the amount of money held, and hence the income derived has increased,  so have the number of awards. Many members also generously donate to the trust, an allowable deduction, and conference profits are routinely added to it. The money is invested and managed to ensure it earns a good return but is as risk adverse as possible. We are most fortunate to have this legacy due to the foresight of its founding members.