Members of the Society are scientists whose professional experience and formal qualifications are judged by the ASM's National Qualifications Committee to be consistent with a professional level of commitment to their career in microbiology.


Overseas Qualification

Applicants with overseas qualifications will need to also provide a NOOSR assessment that their education qualifications are equivalent to Australian university degrees (this can be done online or by state and territory Overseas Qualifications Units (OQUs)


masm eligibility criteria:

  • Have completed the requirements of an academic qualification in microbiology at bachelor’s degree or post-graduate level acceptable to National Council. Other under-graduate awards of less than three (3) years full-time study are not acceptable.

  • Has satisfactorily completed two years of postgraduate work to advance the discipline of microbiology.

required supporting documents:

  • Declaration from a referee who is a MASM or FASM financial member of the society (MASM Referee Declaration form (see below)

    Curriculum Vitae which should include, if applicable, details such as:

    • Microbiology content of under-graduate courses;

    • Title and abstract of thesis;

    • Job experience and microbiology work experience;

    • List of publications and presentations.

  • Academic Records – if you have graduated within the past five years you must provide:

    • Copies of official academic records.

  • If you have graduated more than five years ago, you must provide:

    • Copies of degree certificates; or

    • Statutory Declaration detailing degree certificates

Applications are required at least two weeks in advance of the next NEQB meeting to be considered at the following meeting.
Visit the ASM Calendar for meeting dates.